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Team Building: Team Facilitation Services

    Organizations are looking more and more to teams to make decisions and accomplish tasks. We design customized team retreats to reflect your teamís specific needs. The purpose of team building is to help a group become a cohesive unit in which members share the same expectations, support one another and respect each otherís individual differences. Team building focuses on the performance and well-being of a team with the objective of promoting sustained team learning and effectiveness.

You may want to:

Clarify goals, roles and responsibilities

Develop guidelines for effective interaction

Define common values and operating philosophy

Determine vision and mission

Understand differences in work styles and preferences

Utilize the talents and resources of team members

Overcome communication breakdowns

Identify success criteria and measure results

Increase trust and promote collaborative behavior

Plan for continuous improvement of services

Handle internal and external pressures

Accomplish more in less time

    We use a systematic process to support our clients in building and maintaining high performing teams. The process involves collecting data from team members to ensure that the session reflects needs and desired outcomes; creating a custom-designed program; conducting the program; and then following up on a periodic basis.


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